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Who is Matt Wolfe?

Born and raised in New Orleans, Matt moved to northern Louisiana after high school. Originally a theater major with dreams of directing films, soon a reality check switched his focus to the business world. Eventually, he would stumble into the world of television with a two-year stint at a three station televison group in Shreveport. It was in this position that he learned the skills of media buying, video editing, and field production.

After long days and late nights filled with hard work, an unexpected opportunity arose in sunny Southern California. Deep in the desert of Palm Springs, a brand new CBS affiliate was built, and among thousands of applicants, Matt was hired as the station's Promotions Coordinator. Charged with marketing the nation's first new CBS affiliate in over twenty years, Matt and the station's staff successfully developed the reputable image for KPSP-TV through numerous on-air contests, media advertising, and local charity work. In addition to traditional promotional duties, Matt often took on additional production roles for the station.

Four years later, he joined the staff of The Desert Sun, the Gannett-owned newspaper for the Coachella Valley. Here, he helped tranform the newsroom into a 24-hour Information Center, which adopted non-traditional forms of media, including video, live chat, and mobile messaging. His contributions to the workload earned numerous local, regional, and national awards for the newspaper. In 2008, he launched the area's site, a portal for entertainment information and coverage catered to young web users. In his last 18 months at The Desert Sun, Matt spearheaded all of the paper's social media efforts and created two microsites - one for local real estate agents, one for visitors and tourists heading to the Coachella Valley

Recently, Matt moved back to his hometown of Nawlins, where he's working as the New Media Specialist at New Orleans CityBusiness & falling back in love with everything that is bad for you.

In addition to his work addiction, Matt has a major love affair with music and travel. A proud native of the South, he feels very comfortable in the kitchen - although his current workload means that far too many of his meals are of the take-out variety. While his childhood dreams of being a rockstar may be long gone, there are still many years left for him to create his first of hopefully many film masterpieces - and you can see some of his early film (ok, it's really video) work at, which features comedy sketches performed by his friend Mike Hatton. Matt owns a cat named Pantera (it's the Italian word for Panther), who he rescued from the mean streets of Beverly Hills, and a small dog with awesome black hair named Gizmo. He owns too many electronics and computers, and watches too much crappy reality TV.

What does all of this mean? Basically, that he's a normal guy who likes to have fun and you would probably love to hang out with.